Thursday, 25 September 2008

A question for Lightroom users

Is there anyone out there who can help me?

I'm looking at Adobe Lightroom for a number of reasons, one being batch processing. I can't seem to find the info I want, however.

What I want to be able to do, in a script or similar is the following batch process:
1. Standard set of editting tools (brightness/contrast/basic curve)
2. Resize
3. Change colour space
4. Save from 16-bit TIFF to 8-bit JPEG
5. Rename & refile the batch by rules

Would I need plug-ins or prgramming to make it happen?

This is all based around my post to the web workflow. Thing is I can't seem to determine if I can combine these actions together. I see evidence of being able to do each step individually, but that doesn't really help me.

As I say, this is just one component of the reasons that I'm looking at Lightroom but is a big one.


  1. Hi Martin,
    As far as I can tell, what you ask for will be a two step process in LR.

    1. Develop preset: This can set any combination of develop settings, leaving the settings you don't want to change as they were. It can also includes crop, spotting and local corrections.

    2. Export: This module can resize, rename, set output sharpen, watermark and save to jpg. It can also invoke a post processing application or script. You can (and should) create presets in this module.

    So yes, I think LR will do what you ask for.

  2. That sounds pretty close - may have to find time to try the demo version.


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