Tuesday, 2 September 2008

I went to Ladakh and all I got...

...was this lousy photo.

Grand scale, Ladakh, August 2008

Actually, quite a good shot to illustrate a point, that I'll come to later.

2 weeks trekking in the Indian Himalaya. An outstanding trip, good weather, great company, well organised. I did the Markha Valley trek (a classic in the region) with KE Adventure (highly recommended trekking company). I'm sure I'll be posting more photos from the trip once I've got through the stack.

One really difficult thing about photographing the area is scale. There is much that looks like other parts of the world but the scale is much, much larger. This is my first time in the high mountains, and it is very difficult to comprehend the size of everything without being there. If you click to see the larger version of the image above, you'll see in the centre one of the group walking ahead of me (look close). It is one of the shots I have that truly shows the sense of scale of the place. We were really in the lower altitude Himalaya, peaks not much above 6000m (18500'). The path above is at about 3500m (11500'). For most parts of the world, this is high, up there it's everyday. Truly big Nature.

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