Sunday, 20 July 2008

Time for some pics

A couple of recent ones from the pocket cam.

Mont Blanc (almost), Morzine, June 2008

First up a nearly shot of Mont Blanc from my recent holiday. I've visited this spot several times over the last few years and still not got a decent image. It is often hazy (as it was on this day) but even when not, there is huge contrast, high UV, sun - a whole lot of problems. As it's an hour's mountain biking to get to, I'm disinclined to trek a pile of gear with me.

Stairs and door, Kristiansund, July 2008

Second is a bit of playing around I was doing kicking around the house in Norway. The light & shapes in the entrance area are pretty good, so I was trying some abstract shots.


  1. "Stairs and door", that is a very nice image and it really holds my attention. I am not entirely sure I know why, but it does.

  2. Interesting that you should make such a comment. This was one of a number of shots of the staircase but the others always had something distracting. As a photographic image, this was the one I kept coming back to, I wish I knew why.


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