Monday, 14 July 2008

Just when you had it all decided...

...a spanner gets thrown in the works.

I've finally decided I can't resist the RF temptation any longer. I've been enjoying the whole B&W film thing with my old Canon EOS500, but find it's really too slow and noisy for what I want. Manual focus is not too pleasant with the small primes I'm using. So to a RF set-up.

Body, easy decision: Zeiss Ikon. Looks good, got the large RF base distance, good reports from glasses wearers. Bessas seem a bit clunky in appearance, while being a lot cheaper. Lots of poky out bits as well, not great for stowing. All my opinion. Oh and Leica is ridiculous in price it doesn't get look-in. Had thought about 2nd hand (which introduces a slew of other considerations) but quite frankly can't be doing with the hassle of checking them all out, checking quality etc.

Then there's the lens. 35mm, for sure. I like the view it gives, wish there was a compact one for the Canon.

here's the catch - was all set on the CV 35 1.4 Nokton - that seemingly magic bullet: small, light, cheap, fast, right focal length. But reviews aren't to sharp and I'm not really sure how much I'll need the 1.4 (right now I'm quite happen at 2.0 or even slower).

So then there's the others to consider, all Voigtlanders: the 1.7 Ultron, 2.5 Colour Skopar (bit slow, though), 40 1.4 Nokton. Don't want to stretch to a Zeiss - heck I could add a 75 for the extra money. Decisions, decisions. Again, Leica have priced themselves out of this one.

Of course I'm trying to justify this as more than G.A.S. but I'm pretty certain it'll be a nice addition for travelling.


  1. I also purchased a one-year old Zeiss Ikon RF and was fortunate to win it with a bid of $840 - it was virtually unused. Now to lenses. I also searched and went back and forth. Finally settled on the ZI Planar 50mm and a Color Scopar 35mm. Both are quite satisfactory for my needs. When people say this or that lense is too slow, isn't film speed also a consideration as well? I never see f-stop related to film speed in discussions. Is it just about bokeh? Seems that film speed would compensate for a slower lense. Or am I off base?

  2. Seems that film speed would compensate for a slower lense.

    Yes, and no. Film speed will only take you so far. I'm finding I regularly need f/2.0 with ISO400 exposed at 800 - indoors, available darkness (I don't do flash). It's not a bokeh or DoF thing.

    Outdoors, I'd rarely have a problem with a f/2.5 lens (or even a f/4.0).

  3. Oooo, don't go on writing about this, it's bad for me. Now I want one too. Just saw a Leica M6 with a Summicron-M 2/50mm for the equivalent of USD1200 on a Norwegian web site. Looked like it was in mint condition.

    I must go and have a chat with my bank account. I don't even own a film scanner, and I hate chemicals. Must talk myself out of this.

  4. Well I blame my interest on Colin Jago, it's all his fault ;-)


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