Friday, 11 July 2008

Megapixel mania

So Hasselblad have launched a new monster. Woohoo. I don't think I'll be rushing to the bank quite yet at those prices. (Although, apparently they've now got an "affordable" offering.)

However, far more interesting to me, was the parallel announcement of a new tilt-shift adapter. Now that, coupled with the super high resolution, could start moving into the territory larger LF formats. I've always thought the lack of movements was the biggest weakness in MF equipment.

Personally, though, I'd rather any number of Mike Johnston's suggestions would come to fruition.


  1. Me, I am looking forward to the next gen of the Canon EOS 5D. That would probably be my next upgrade, unless someone wants to donate a H-3...

  2. Doug, I'm also looking forward to the new 5D, but only because it's going to make the 5D really cheap. Can't really see what they could do with a replacement that would make it trump a 40D/5D combo.


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