Wednesday, 30 July 2008

ProStrap wrist strap: a mini review


I mentioned on my write-up of the Zeiss Ikon that I'm using a wrist strap with it. I've been looking for a wrist strap for a while. When I'm around town I like to wrap the strap around my left wrist and carry the camera in my left hand, down by my side. People don't really notice you've got it and it can be deployed for shooting in an instant. Wrapping lengths of neck strap is not ideal, however. I also don't want a quick-release design, so it can't be easily unsnapped and the camera dropped.

The doodad I'm using is a Deluxe Belt ProStrap, from I thought it was worth a mention, particularly as I'm pretty happy with it.

It's a simple device, a leather strap that attaches to the camera at one end and has a wide section to go around your wrist at the other. Price is modest, postage fast. Construction quality is very nice.

The main thing I like is the length. It's just the right size to go around my wrist and allow me to grasp the camera without a lot of excess strap material. It is also just long enough that I can carry the whole thing by the strap with the camera dangling (not recommended).
It is very grippy, having a rubberised backing - there is no way it will accidentally slip off the wrist. There is also a tightening ring to cinch in around the wrist, which I find helps tidy it all up when holding the camera.

If you're like me and tend to carry your camera in one hand, especially smaller cameras, I'd highly recommend giving a ProStrap a go. There are lots of options and there can't be too many cameras they won't fit. (I do know I couldn't fit one to my Mamiya RZ67, but then why would I want to?)

UPDATE 31/7/08 - a minor correction to the above. On closer inspection (i.e. actually lloking at the thing) I realise that the back of the wrist strap is NOT rubberised, as I stated above, but is in fact the brushed reverse surface of the leather. It actually has a very nice feel next the the skin, after a while you forget there's a strap there at all.


  1. Also check out Gordy's wrists straps (and other camera straps). Very beautiful and strong!

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  3. I'm not sure they're as nice as the ProStrap for wrist straps but looks like there might be a solution for my RZ67

    Gordy's straps


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