Friday, 7 March 2008

SoFoBoMo: setting some dates

Things have quietened a bit on the SoFoBoMo front recently - maybe everyone is all geared up and waiting for the starting gun.

I had been hoping to SoFoBoMo from 1st April, in the truest spirit of the thing but then life intervened. My schedule now means that my time at home for April will be measured in hours. So, looks like I'll have to delay for a couple of weeks - I'm going to target 17th May as the completion date, which means 17th April as a start date.

With this crazy schedule I've even come up with a back-up theme, one that I can complete the shooting in a couple of hours. Maybe I'll even have a crack at both.


  1. Best of luck, some schedule! I hope your artistic juices flow well when you are under pressure.

  2. Indeed. I tend to work well under some self-imposed pressure.


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