Thursday, 20 March 2008

SoFoBoMo gear

SoFoBoMo gear

Following on from Paul Butzi & Colin Jago, I'm running down the how:

1 camera, 1 lens; my EOS 20D & the 28-135 IS. A nice combo for the close & wide that I'll need for my project. Also quite lightweight to carry around all day. This was, until my 17-55 IS purchase, my regular all-day set-up.

I'll be putting together my book using Scribus, which I get on quite well with. there will be little text except an introduction. If I put a couple of sections into it, then each section will have a text intro, too. This is going to be about the pictures and I'll have no need of spreads.

Only a certifiable loon would try Paul's 2 SoFoBoMos in one year.

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