Sunday, 30 March 2008

Blog Birthday: 1 year on

Going around, Northumberland, March 2008

It's a year since I started writing to the blog. Like many others, here's a bit of a retrospective.

I'm finding that writing this stuff down better helps me think about photography and has helped me realize that I want to pursue this as more than the usual holiday snaps hobby - it provides something meaningful (that word again) in my life.

Also, the notion of blogging and reading others' writings makes me feel like I'm part of a larger group, a community if you will. That is helpful. Sometimes it can be quite an isolated existence, photographically, with no one immediately close to interact with.

And so it will continue.

A by the way: plenty of blogging over the next day or so as I catch up on my thoughts after a couple of weeks away.

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  1. Congradutions on your first year of blogging. Looks like we were close to a tie for when we started.


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