Monday, 31 March 2008

Processes of Nature

Rock cascade, Northumberland, March 2008

Yet another thing from the workshop experience (although something to do with my advance thoughts on it). I understand now what it is I want to show in my landscape work.

It comes from having to articulate what I am trying to achieve and I boiled it down to a single phrase: the processes of Nature.

The world around us is constantly evolving through the persistent processes that nature exhibits: wind, wave, deposition, erosion, birth, growth, decay etc etc. there are big processes (mountain formation) and small ones (the budding of a flower) but these come together to form the world in which we live.

That is what causes my response to the natural world and I hope is what I can convey over time in my photography. Having just received a copy of the book "The Color of Wildness" of Eliot Porter's work, this quote resonated:
"To most people, I am sure, the beauty of nature means such features as the flowers of spring, autumn foliage, mountain landscapes, and other similar aspects...They are the peaks and summits of nature's greatest displays. But underlying and supporting these brilliant displays are slow, quiet processes that pass almost unnoticed from season to season...Yet how much is missed if we have eyes only for the bright colors."
Of course, there are also human processes of construction at work but that is not my forte, photographically. Plus, over time, we are a mere blip compared to the constancy of Nature's workings.

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