Wednesday, 26 September 2007

Do spiders have heart-attacks?

I saw this guy (gal?) lying on the floor in my bedroom. Photo shows it on its back after I prodded it (to see if it would run off). It's as if running across the floor caused the spider to suddenly collapse, rather than allow it to crawl into a corner to die. Very strange.

The (rather poor) macro effort was taken with my 70-200 f/4 IS at 125mm with 68mm of extension tubes (this is not a macro lens).

Clearly shows why I don't do much macro stuff - I'm rubbish. The subject intrigued me, though.


  1. Exact same thing just happened to me! I was trying to be nice to prod the little guy out the door, he ran like the dickens and then curled up...and died? So of course I googled "can spider have heart attacks". I don't know the answer yet...

  2. Follow...not dead...s/he's up & moving around...

  3. The anxiety was wrecking both of us. NOW s/he's dead.

  4. Aparently some spiders play dead when under attack (its either that or run away lol). So perhapes if it dosn't move after you've left him/her alone, then it really did croak?

  5. I don't believe they have heart attacks, they do play dead though, I have researched that much.

  6. Bets the heck out of me. no clue!!!!! Judy


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