Friday, 21 September 2007

Amazing Kodachrome

My baptism, 1973 - photographer unknown

Further to my last post, I also noticed something about the old Kodachrome slides while i was working on the anniversary album: Kodachrome isn't all that bad. Some of the photos I had available looked awful at first viewing and scanning was troublesome on most of them. the one thing that really did stand out, though, was how much detail they all held in the shadows.

The original scan for the above shot is here:

The overall quality isn't great and it looks like I've pushed it too far (in fact it comes out well in print, considering). It does illustrate just how much is buried in the gloom, typical of many of the indoor shots I had.

After 30-odd years, I don't think it's done too badly. I'm not claiming to be an expert photo restorer but virtually everything I worked stood up well to retouching and the prints look pretty good (you'll have to trust me on this).

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