Saturday, 1 September 2007

off again

Cottonwood graveyard, Dinosaur Park, Alberta, August 2007

The image here is one of the bigger ones from the last trip. A 6-shot panoramic. This was an interesting corner of the Park, and probably somewhat overlooked by visitors but really interesting photographically.

So I'm off to Calgary again, this time for 2 weeks. More hard work locked in a little room hunched over a computer interspersed with a couple of weekends for photography. I'll be getting to some of the places I didn't have time for last trip.

Before all of that, though, a weekend in Devon with the extended family celebrating my parent's 40th wedding anniversary. Should be good fun and I'll get to see a whole bunch of people I've not seen in a while. There will be more on that on my return, and some of the preparations I made for the event.

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  1. Martin, I fully understand the feeling of heading to a great destination, but then you are locked up working and left waiting for the weekend. Best wishes on your trip.



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