Wednesday, 26 September 2007

Writers must write, photographers must photograph?

I was contemplating the idea (that I've heard/read quoted somewhere) that writers have a compulsion to write stuff. Journalists, authors, critics all feeling the need to get pen in hand (or keyboard under finger) and write stuff. I've seen similar views expressed by photographers relating to picking up a camera. & shooting.

Maybe I'm odd but I don't feel the need to pick up the camera. I'm primarily driven by the desire to produce images: be they for the web, on screen show or (principally) printing. The camera happens to be the tool I need to do that job. I'm just as happy, in that regard, to be working on the large number of pictures I've taken as be out & about taking new ones.

Maybe I'm not, in that respect, a photographer but an "image maker" (for want of a better term).

I can't say I've seen that sort of distinction expressed before but maybe it's more appropriate or many of us stood behind the lens.

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