Sunday, 7 June 2009

What a great week

Just back from a photography workshop, another Advanced Landscapes with the ever-excellent Garry Brannigan of The Digital Dawn, this time in the Yorkshire Dales. it's worth mentioning a few early take-aways:

It is always great to be able to immerse yourself in photography like this, especially for me landscape photography. it's not just the making pictures but also the viewing and discussing that are juts as important.

This has probably been my most productive period for landscape work ever in terms of the quantity of quality results. I reckon I produced at least two of my very best landscape images ever and a whole pile of good work. I also feel that I'm achieving a consistency of clear vision and clean composition that I've not managed before.

There will be several more additions to my long-running Processes of Nature project. I also see a sub-theme developing from some of the work that is providing some far more personally unique work. It's not to everyone's taste but I like it a lot. More on all that in due course.

I finally get the attraction of macro work. I borrowed a 100mm macro lens and had a lot of fun using it, getting some pretty good results. Not good for curing gear lust.

I'm likely to create a third SoFoBoMo book (even though I've not really got going on the second yet) from the workshop results, mainly as motivation to work through some of the processing in a timely manner.

No pictures for this post, as I haven't even started uploading the files yet.


  1. Great news, Martin. I look forward to seeing the differences between book one and book three. No such workshop opportunities here on the Canadian prairies.

  2. Robert, you'll see quite some differences in both photographic approach and the nature of the landscape.
    As for book design, I'm using all 3 SoFoBoMo efforts to play with some ideas, rather than provide a consistent set.
    Book 3 will be rather more "fine art" oriented in content.


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