Monday, 1 June 2009

A plethora of power

Why is it that my gear is never ready to go when it's most critical? Due to the various trips I've made recently and the variety of gear used, I find my stuff all over the house rather than in the storage box. Preparing to go away again tomorrow, I checked the batteries for various devices - virtually nothing charged. Cue 24h of mad charger activity. Of course, that means about 3 different chargers and about 4 different battery types.

Somehow, this has to be easier. Why can't there be some standardization? Why can't batteries keep charge longer? Why am i constantly unable to keep myself organized?


  1. At least all four of my chargers can be used with the same power lead!

  2. Indeed, I can run a bunch from the same lead. Doesn't help when you need to use them all at the same time.


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