Saturday, 27 June 2009

SoFoBoMo 09 pt1: in print

"On England's Pleasant Pastures Seen" Blurb book cover

I got my print copy of "On England's Pleasant Pastures Seen" from Blurb this morning. Exciting stuff. This is this best quality book I've had yet from them - the print quality, colour reproduction and depth of colour are spot on. I do allow for lower quality than I can produce with a tuned print on top quality paper but this is very nice. This time I went for the standard hardback with the loose cover which seems to work well for this one. As a total package it is very satisfying.

I also like the layout that I chose - bottom edge binding so the pages flip down. Nice for perusing while sat in the arm-chair and my choice of text layout works just the way I wanted.

On England's Pleasant Pastures Seen
A view of the coun...
By Martin Doonan
Make a photo book with Blurb

So now I'm happy, it's available for all the world to purchase from Blurb. I'd really like a few folks to buy a copy, particularly so I can get feedback on the unusual layout. As an incentive, I'm going to offer any one who buys a copy a print of any one of the images in the book at no extra cost. Printed on Harman FB Gloss paper, shipped to anywhere. Just drop your email address in a comment (won't be published) to get in contact.

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  1. Hi Martin, great job on the book my friend, you don't see bottom edge binding much, in fact, I never even thought about it before! I'm building a book with Blurb at the moment also, about an 8 month round the world trip I did, a photo journal of 10 countries, mostly nature and landscape, people and culture, have worked on it for 3 months, and only got half way through the first week of the trip, lol!!
    Anyway, keep up the good work, it's nice to see that there is someone else out there that sees the world differently like me!


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