Sunday, 7 December 2008


Winter reflection, Scheveningse Bos, The Hague, December 2008

It's one of those times when I've lost pretty much any motivation for anything. I'm coming down with a cold, I need more exercise and I could do with a vacation. (The last will be solved in a couple of weeks.)

Yesterday and today I thought I'd go out for a walk with the camera, just to get some fresh air and photo practice in. Possibly the least productive I've been with a camera. Couldn't really see anything. Today, I pressed the shutter just 10 times (and one of those was by accident). It appears I can't really get over slow periods by just getting out and photographing.


  1. There's little consolation to offer but the common wisdom that this depression will go by (and for sure much faster then the economical one). And when your "not seeing" results in such reflections as in the lead shot, you probably shouldn't complain too loud...
    So my best wishes for your fast recovery!


  2. thanks for the comment. while your positive spin doesn't actually make me any less ill, at least it made me smile.

  3. I'm not sure whether this is of any help, but here in Finland the seasonal effect of not much light affects a lot of people. Many things are tried to combat it, for example "light therapy" (a brigh full-spectrum lamp). The symptoms you list are painfully familiar.

  4. Juha - you refer to SAD (Seasonal Affective Disorder) - my sister suffers somewhat. Me, I'm anti-SAD: I actually prefer the dark winter months. Nope, this is just plain old seasonal virus. If I didn't have so much to do, I'd happily be tucked up in bed for 24h.


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