Thursday, 18 December 2008

Can I have low ISO, please?

Right then. High sensitivity cracked. Cameras now see better than humans. Great. When I become a bat hunter I'll be well in. (Go read Mike J's latest comments).

But I often run into the opposite problem - needing a stack of ND filters to get the longer exposures I want. This happens more often than I run out of light. So can I have a camera that is happy doing 10s+ exposures without noise and can shoot at ISO12, please? This could be a whole new area for manufacturers to fight over.


  1. Martin,
    this could be a nice campaign. I am having the same problem. Shooting always on a tripod I really do not need all that ISO but a lot less noise in low EVs at low ISO could really help. However nobody seems to speak about it. The test that you can see around do not any pointer at it.


  2. tried the bat thing, It was fun anyway.

  3. I remember, back in the day, shooting film with ASA ratings of 25, especially Kodachrome 25. Talk about buttery smooth and low shutter speeds even in a good amount of light!


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