Sunday, 3 August 2008

Wet weather photography

It's raining here, has been since mid-afternoon yesterday. Not the weather to get me out on the bike (but I enjoyed the sunny morning conditions yesterday), nor is it weather to inspire me to take the camera out.

This is a recurring theme - I don't take photographs in the rain. Even if I happen to be out in the weather, with a camera to hand, I don't press the shutter. Why not? Partly, obviously, is the general desire not to be out getting wet, nor risking screwing up the camera. Main, though, I think it's because I don't really see images in the rain. There aren't subjects that inspire me that wouldn't be done better when it's dry.

What is a wet weather aesthetic anyway? I've seen some stuff done in the wet, and it seems to focus around reflections & puddles. Gets to being the rain equivalent of glorious sunsets.

Anyone out there actually making pictures in the rain? What are the things you're looking for that's particular to the conditions?


  1. Martin, I don't think about it as "rain photographs" per se, than I think about it as introducing and exploring a different condition and mood, one infused with a lot of atmosphere. It changes and diffuses the light and I feel creates different photographic opportunities. But I also live in a desert like condition that rain is a novelty, not a daily occurance:- )

  2. As someone who lives in a semi-wet climate (we have a bifurcated pattern in Seattle, damp much of the year, searingly dry in the summer), I love the rain and I take my best photos in the damp. The light is so forgiving, and moisture in all its manifestations is an additional texture to the environment. It's sun I don't know what to do with, and where I have my artist's block.


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