Friday, 1 August 2008

The megapixel race is not over

There was much made of the new Panasonic DMC-LX3 camera announcement that stated that sensor had been enlarged (to a whopping 1/1.63") and resolution restricted to 10.1Mp. So is it a slow-down in resolution. Not likely, all the other, more basic, cameras announced at the same time had increased resolution on their predecessors to 14+Mp. Likewise other manufacturers. Until the sales process (from marketing to the stores) can get it into their collective heads that people need better pixels, not more pixels, the more this rubbish will continue.

The good news is we're getting another compact with RAW mode, burst shooting an wide-angle. The lens is even pretty fast. I've seen some (low res) first shots and low light performance seems decent. One wonders if there will be a Leica-branded version, too. For once I'm actually pretty interested from a buying pov in small cameras. Both this and the Ricoh GX200 look like pretty good contenders for my cash.

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