Friday, 8 August 2008

Manual, what manual?

Picked up via dpreview, this survey about technology bafflement. Doesn't surprise me. Like every bit of technology, the way you're going to get the most out of your camera is to know how to use it properly. trouble is, most people I meet want to be able to pick up the camera, point at the subject, push the button and get a good picture. back to the Instamatic days.

Therein lies the problem. There are 2 types of camera user: the Instamatic crowd who truly want point and shoot (i.e. no functions, adjustments or doodads) and those of us who want full control over everything.

It make me wonder why all those whiz bangs get added to cameras when neither group wants them.

A passing thought - the number one question I get asked by friends about their cameras: how do I turn off the flash? (Yes, I seem to be helpdesk man for cameras because I'm into photography).


  1. For most of us manual was the only way for years. Then we had something new in our hands with Auto, Aperture Priority, Shutter Priority,Programmed etc. We got lazy, even I fell into it for awhile. Years ago we took the time to focus, set the aperture,set the shutter now we all want it fast, fast fast.

  2. I was thinking more of manual as in instruction book.

    I'm not sure people want fast, so much as easy. They want good pictures without having to think about it.


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