Tuesday, 13 April 2010

The camera everywhen

Trowbridge, April 2010

I'm always amazed by photographers who seem to have a camera with them whereever they go - from breakfast in the morning until retiring for the night. Inside, outside, running errands, meeting friends.

I can't quite bring myself to those levels, especially with other people around. My camera always seem to detatch me slightly from things. while it improves my observation, it doesn't necessarily improve my engagement. And if I'm in a social situation, that's not much fun.

And then there are the times i don't quite feel like taking photos. For example, the two weeks away I've just had. I took just over 40 frames during a couple of walks around the neighbourhood. (I would have taken quite a few while I had a day in London, but I was carrying stuff that really didn't make camera wielding a practical prospect.)

I admire their dedication and the tolerance of those around them.


  1. I like to take my camera with me but sometimes the D90 is just to big and it stands out. I need something like the G9 or whatever the model is now.

  2. I just purchased a Lumix LX3, sort of an advanced point-and-shoot, so I could be "packing" more often - not all the time, but more often than I do now. Add to that, I really like street photography but feel far too obvious carrying around a large camera. Now, if I could just disengage from what I'm doing, pull out the camera and pay attention photographically. That's a task I have yet to master.

  3. I've found, even with my LX3, if I don't actually have the camera in hand, I'm less likely to take photos. In the pocket just doesn't cut it.


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