Tuesday, 11 August 2009

Photography independent of geography

Reading Paul Butzi's post about extending photographic challenges had me thinking along the lines of potential subjects.

For me, personally, either of his suggestions would be logistically difficult - it is rare that I spend an entire month in country, let alone 90 consecutive days. And to top that, over the next 10 years I expect to live in 3 or 4 different countries. Such is the life of a peripatetic.

By extension I have been thinking of potential subjects that would be independent of location. Not straightforward for someone whose photography tends towards that of location. So what subjects can I think of?

Colour is an obvious choice, as is some form of self-portrait. But the imaginative well seems shallow and has run dry rather quickly. Any ideas?


  1. Go with what you do. Walking, outdoor life, in different places.

    Themes: paths, walls/lines, water, cliffs, trees, people in landscapes...

    There's also life in different countries differening attitudes to the outdoors

  2. Photography independent of geography?
    Two subjects come to my mind.

    Perhaps inanimate objects as in still lifes.
    Scientific photography with its many sub-branches.

    Both examples are independent of geography and/or topography.

  3. Take a photograph that mirrors the way you feel.


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