Monday, 17 August 2009

A little slow around here

My blogging has slowed quite a bit, as regular readers may have noticed. More of the same reasons: not taking any pictures at present, which means I'm a bit off the photography thinking loop and I've massacred my computer (again). the latter is proving to be a real drag. While the netbook is handy for a bit of surfing, I can't really post photos (and have no access to the archive) and viewing photography is tricky.

I just need a good run at any of this to get back on track - if only I could find the time right now. First priority: fix the computer, second priority: take some pictures.


  1. Martin, stop kicking your computer when you are out of sorts!:)

    Isn't it maddening how dependent we have become on these stupid boxes? Because I am one of the dummies who is utterly lost when mine goes kaflooie, I am helpless when one fails.

    Best of luck getting through your season of computer hassles. I hope it is over soon.

  2. Computer troubles are maddening...I know what you mean.


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