Sunday, 22 February 2009

Sagacious Pachyderms

Angry lady, Tanzania, January 2009

Apart from the fact that pachyderm is a defunct term...

Animals had varied reactions to our presence in Tanzania. For the most part, we were completely ignored, as if the vehicles were just part of the landscape (noone gets out near the wildlife). When moving, most herd animals would avoid us. Cats seemed unmoved. Those below were using the shadows as shade.

Close encounter, Tanzania, January 2009

Elephants, on the other hand, seemed fully aware of the presence of the vehicles and their occupants. This one above one part of a group protecting a new-born. At this particular point in the proceedings it seemed possible that she would charge the vehicle. she did stomp alongside us, clearly unimpressed.

A few minutes later, rounding a corner there was anoher elephant looking to cross the road. We stopped. She tossed her head in a "out of my way" motion - no intention of deviating. We moved. Elephants are clearly unintimidated by the presence of a couple of tons of metal.

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  1. Good shots. Maybe because the elefant is at eyelevel, therein may lie the difference. It can look through the windows, just as we are gazing out

    kind regards
    Sune / Jonson PL


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