Thursday, 5 February 2009

Non-headline features

Why is it camera companies don't see fit to publicise really useful features? Case in point, the EOS 50D, which I bemoaned a while back.

One of my safari companions had a 50D. Turns out it has 3 useful (for me) features. Some are in the manual, one isn't. They are:

Auto ISO from 100-1600. Compare with the ridiculous 400-800 of the 40D. This means with the 50D you can pretty much use auto ISO all the time.

Micro AF adjust (pretty sure that wasn't in the headlines). Nice for fine tuning lenses.

Fast buffer clearing with UDMA cards. Seems that even with RAW and a 16 shot buffer, the buffer clears fast enough that the buffer limit isn't constraining in practical use. With my 40D, I still bang against the 15 shot limit.

If Canon had seen fit to advertise that stuff, they'd probably have made a customer out of me. Now I'm considering it as an additional body but might wait for prices to drift downwards. Perhaps camera companies should publish the new manuals as part of the press release so we can really figure out what's what.

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