Thursday, 12 June 2008

Oh, for the opportunity

Couple of posts caught my attention recently regarding the why of photographing. Paul Butzi talked about being somewhat blocked. Doug Plummer talks about his daily photo routine. It's a bit of the "I photograph, therefore I am" (or is that the other way around).

I wish I had the opportunity to feel blocked. Right now ,with my mad travel schedule, all I seem to do when I'm awake is eat or work (oh, and read blogs). Not a single opportunity to take up the camera in a couple of weeks. Hopefully I can get out briefly at the weekend - long nights here in Norway help a lot if I decide not to work late.

Will I feel bloked due to lack of practice or will the rest do me good? I can never decide which of those modes is most appropriate for me, or whether there's a "it depends" factor. Kind of like my sport - sometimes I need to go continuously for long periods, then I seem to need a recovery period. Maybe artistic endeavours are sports for the brain?

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