Friday, 30 October 2009

Lumix LX3 firmware update: in action

Lisbon, October 2009

Crikey! A photo on a photography blog.

Last time I posted a quick view on the Lumix LX3 firmware update (rev 2.1). Last weekend I was putting I to use in the pleasant sunshine of Lisbon. The main way I was using the new lens memory function was to set a fixed focal length of around 40mm-e and zone focus at f/4.

The review is simple: I really like this new mode. With all the zooming and focusing removed, te camera is very responsive. When waking up from off or sleep, the lens returns to the last position as promised. This makes it more fun to use as I'm not constantly battling the camera to do what I want. I took a lot more pictures as a result. And I expect I shall continue to do so.

This is the feature I most wanted when I first bought the camera and here it is. Now I have just the street camera I wanted. Of course, I've also got the zoom should I need it and a focus button when required.


  1. I only wished that the appreciation for such features would make more manufacturers think and provide this in more cameras (the LX-3 is more a niche product) and maybe leave out one of the more esoteric scene modes like geronto-weep-shutter or the like

  2. Markus, I agree. So much of what comes with new cameras is software that could easily be applied to earlier models. And here is Panasonic adding a feature that almost turns it into another camera. With that sort of development attitude it makes me more inclined to buy their stuff in the future, too.

  3. Thanks for reporting of your experiences. I have been most satistied with the LX3 firmware 2.1 as well, although some of my old preferences apparently were overwritten in the update process. (Now having an automatic preview of the photo etc.) The camera behaves much like it should now.


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