Monday, 28 September 2009

Hooray for Panasonic

Panasonic have released new firmware for the LX3. Big deal, you might say, cameras get minor tweaks all the time. But this one is different, with a few proper functional improvements.

The big thing for me, and one of my continuing gripes about the LX3, is the new "Lens Resume" function which allows the zoom and/or manual focus points to be remembered when powering down. This means I can set a preferred zoom and zone focus and have it remember the settings. Very nice. I also like the fact that they supply a downloadable pdf user-manual for the new functions.

It's nice to see at least one manufacturer fixing/improving software and control issues through firmware revision. I wish the others would follow (are you listening, Canon?).


  1. What also makes this update a positive signal is the fact, that the company does care about a camera that is not brand new any more - seems that this is a really mature product and company, not just interested in selling new boxes and forget about the old ones.

  2. Indeed I fully agree (I was sort of implying that, badly).

  3. Unfortunately the update was later pulled, it will be again available on Oct 20th. Some problems with the custom settings apparently.

    That said, I'm very eager to try this version as soon as it becomes again available. Panasonic is indeed listening to the customers!

  4. Juha, I'd seen that - before I'd even had chance to download it. Well done, I suppose, for pulling a known problem update. At least they're trying.

  5. Sune / Jonson PL8 December 2009 at 05:34

    Doesn't Canon fix/improve software and control issues through firmware revisions ?


  6. Sune, no Canon only does a few minor bug fixes, not the wholesale additional functionality that this represents. From any of the big m/fs (Canikony) if you want more features you need to buy a newer/more expensive camera.


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