Thursday, 16 April 2009

Sometimes things are as they should be

Anyone who regularly reads my more technical posts will realise I'm constantly frustrated/annoyed by rubbish user interfaces. I like software and hardware to be easy to use, yet powerful in function. I don't like the design getting between me and results.

On this thought but unrelated to photography, I bought a Sonos music system this weekend. A much needed addition to my music system since my multi-CD player packed up and my desire to listen to decent radio. That's not the point here.

The point is, this stuff works. Just like it should. No fuss. The design, interface and set-up is super easy. It is so well designed that it makes Apple products look fussy and complicated. There are always a few minor niggles but they are just that. As a music system it's great and it is also making me rethink the way I do my home WiFi network. 3 rooms & a pair of speakers took 20 minutes to set-up. Compare that to weeks of fiddling and twiddling with my simple point-to-point WiFi to get decent performance.

Simply put, I wish more products were like this. Taking out the hassles. Getting to a usable set-up quickly and easily. A design stemming from the simple notion of "what does a regular user want this thing to do?"

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