Monday, 6 October 2008

Computers, storage, backup

What a week. Not a single bit of photography work done, either shooting or processing. Why?

First up, I ran out of room on my regular processing disk. Stuffed full. Which then prompted me finally to get the NAS box connected. Which meant learning a bunch about wireless networking. This stuff has to get easier, and more reliable - way too many options and manual configuration just to get it going at all. Right now I'm getting nothing like the full capacity out of the link but at least I can run data transfer as a background activity. Ended up moving about 200GB of data in all.

Then I had to reorganise my archive. With a new archiving mechanism, I realised that it would be better to have bits of the archive stashed away permanently. So all of that to do, and back-up etc. And shifting all that data around made me realise that I needed to do some "regular" maintenance on my system - I was months behind on routine stuff.

Hopefully this time I have a system that is future proof (yeah, right, said that before). At least the network storage mode is expandable independently of my main computer hardware.

And now I've been ale to get down to the backlog of photo work, starting with outstanding scanning. I've had a whole summer's worth of film waiting to be scanned.

I'm sure computers were meant to make life easier, never seems to feel like that.

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