Saturday, 16 February 2008

SofoBoMo: the book mock-up process

The mocking-up process, February 2008

With recovery from a sprained ankle keeping me off the bike I decided to look at the photobook process. Seems like everyone is getting into the act, so I'd better.

I realised that my earlier 36 bicycles project would make an excellent basis for a trial run. After first running through a resize exercise i then printed them all off, 4 to a page, on plain paper. What you see here is the result of me "storyboarding" them on the dining table into some semblance of order. I made sure I pencilled in the number order, too, just in case I blew them everywhere. next will be pulling it all together as a pdf.

The book will be 35 bicycles as one didn't fit at all. that is something to be wary of for SoFoBoMo - making sure I have plenty enough images to collate 35 as a group.

Two mentions to finish - thanks to Colin Jago for elevating my stock on the SoFoBoMo exchange, I'm not sure i really deserve it. Also to Mark Hobson for his postings on POD photobooks (from here forwards) which takes some of the fear factor out, I think.


  1. "With recovery from a sprained ankle keeping me off the bike..."

    ...and me, I'm on my back for 6-8 weeks after slipping on a piece of ice, getting "rewarded" with a complex right malleolar fracture, treated with osteosynthesis. O, the joy of a winter vacation!

    The only benefit: having all the time of the world surfing the net for any photo-related links, producing some photobooks through Blurb, and of course leaving witty comments on other folks' blogs!

  2. add me to the list of SoFoBoMo's recovering from a sprained ankle. Finally made it back onto a bike 2 weeks ago. Running is still not much fun.

    Was this some sort of secret SoFoBoMo entry requirement ? Do we have to go and hobble the other participants ?

  3. Yikes, and me with the very sore knee from my ski trip (last run of the first day - bummer). Maybe there is the SoFoBoMo 'curse'?? I sure hope not!!


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