Friday, 19 June 2009

The ideal camera

Apropos of the announcement of the new Olympus P-E1 (digital PEN), the ideal camera:

  • will (not)* have an electronic/optical* viewfinder

  • will (not) have thumb & finger wheels

  • will (not) fit in a pocket/bag*

  • will (not) have a folding/rotating* LCD

  • will (not) have many buttons

  • will (not) have many functions

  • will (not) be automated

  • will (not) have (fast) (small) prime lenses/zooms

  • will take (nice) photographs (maybe)
It's been 2 days, there are a few online snaps and already it's going to save the world/cause Armageddon*.

*delete as appropriate

1 comment:

  1. And not only that, it's also styled to make a great fashion accessory. You just know that it won't be good enough in another couple of years because the marketing guys will persuade you otherwise. I just want a camera like my old Olympus 35RD that I sometimes lovingly look at, proper manual control, hyperfocal distance etc. I still think that the best option for me is Leica glass on a DSLR. And if that's the case I'll stick with my 5D because it still hits the sweet spot and has an IQ that I don't fully exploit.


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