Tuesday, 3 March 2009

Thinking clearly

The bicycler, India, August 2008

After a long winter absence (read: laziness) I've finally started to get back on the bike and get some much-needed exercise.

What's that to do with photography? Not a lot, directly. However...

if I don't get in plenty of regular exercise my thought processes seem to clog up, my brain gets fuzzy. Some solid, muscle-aching, fatigue-inducing exercise is like mental Draino to me, unblocking all those fugged up neurons.

And it occurred to me that a lot of the recent interweb discussion on projects, fear, creativity can be born of foggy thinking. If you're not thinking clearly, you'll not be productive. And creating photographs that you'll be pleased with yourself means getting into a good frame of mind.

So advice to all - find your own mental decongestant, something you can do regularly for a bit of mental maintenance. You don't have to go and exercise to exhaustion like I do, it may be as simple as a daily walk with the dog. If you don't have something already, go figure out what works. Clear thinking leads to productivity (i.e. making something worthwhile) which leads to happiness.


  1. Go for it Martin. I've just passed 2000 miles for Jan and Feb on my bike, much more than I ever do in the company car that sits on our drive. Just don't overdo it to start with!

  2. Colin, that makes me feel even lazier! I've just passed 200km for Feb...


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